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Touristic tax and insurance aren't included in price.

Tourist tax: 7,00 kn per person a day (about 0,97 euro per person per day), children till 12 years old - do not pay tax. Children from 12-18 years old pay 3,50 kn per day ( about 0,49 Euro).

Insurance:1,00 kn per person a day ( about 0,14 euro per person a day)


The History of the hotel "Risnjak"

During 18th and 19th century, alongside the construction of roads and reailway, the tourism and hotel industry was developing in Gorski Kotar. Starting, as anywhere else, more like an act of hospitability in respectable houses and homes, this region started to be, eventhen, the attraction for business people, scientists, alpinists, nature enthusiasts and others.

By the end of the 19th century, first inns open, and in 1900. in Vrbovsko a first business hotel was built. The first highland tourist hotel "Zeleni Vir" was built in Skrad in 1919, and right after it a hotel "Tomislav" (today it is called "Risnjak") was built in Delnice, in 1924, having the capacity of 35 beds.

The "Tomislav" hotel represented a highlind pride in the area of tourism - thanks to its lokks and the quality of the service provided. It became the standard - bearer for the development of tourism. It was also the pride of Delnice. With the addition of several private pansions, Delnice slowly became a climate treatment center ("air spa") , from where you could get to know the surrounding towns and heights. The 1930s were considered the Golden Era of the tourism in this region.

It is becoming more and more prestigious to visit this region nowadays. Mild climate, that revitalises both the body and the mind, attracts ministers and other respectable officials, business men, artists and athletes.

The "Tomislav" hotel suffered significant damages during the Second World War, and it was renovated during 1947. when it also changed its name to the "Risnjak" hotel.

The hotel is part of the company "Promet Vrbovsko" from 1998, and was closed until recently. The similar faith came upon the other hotel in Delnice - the "Delnice" hotel. During the homeland war it was used for refugees; its decrepitude, squalor and devastation were visible in any and in every way. The economic crisis becomes omnipresent in many aspects of life, and the tourism in Delnice is at the beginning once again.

Thus, this private innitiative of the Kraljević family, announces the turning point of the further tourism development.
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